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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions:

1. "Class Not Registered Error" while using Flash Catalog programs?

2. How can I make books play on iPad?

3. Can I use Mac version program to create books to send to PC users?

4. Can I make digital book with page turning effect on Mac?

5. How to upload flash catalog to website?

6. How to use free downloaded flash catalog templates?

7. View exe flash catalog without installing catalog maker?

8. Can I modify output flash catalog?

9. How can I share my flash catalog or flipbook online?

10. How can I make flash catalog to be read on Android?

11. How to use coupon code to purchase catalog software?

12. How can I embed flash catalog on web page?


PDF To Flash Catalog (Professional)

1. How to convert PDF to flash catalog?

2. How to make page turning image catalog to be readable on ipad, iphone and Android mobile devices?

3. How can I make a button of flip catalog to link with our company website?

4. How to make flash products catalog printable?

5. Is there any function button with setting contact information in flash catalog?

6. Can readers download my online digital flipbook for offline use?

7. Add background music of media catalog?

8. How can readers download my flash catalog?

9. Want to save customized templates for future use?

10. How to add company logo into flash catalog?

11. How to make flash catalog more realistic?

12. Convert batch PDF files to one flash catalog?

13. Can only import 10 pages of my PDF files?

14. Does flash catalog can be viewed on Mobile?

15. How to make flash flip catalog searchable?

16. How can I share flash catalog with others on Facebook?

17. Would like to change icon color?

18. How to save template settings for future use?

19. Import links of original PDF file to flash catalog?

20. Difference between PDF to Flash Catalog standard and professional catalog maker?

21. Make a hardcover digital flipbook by catalog maker?

22. How to embed You tube video to flash catalog?

23. Add page link between flipping pages of digital catalog?

24. Three view modes of flash catalog on mobile?

25. Change background of flash catalog?

26. Reorder flipping pages of flash catalog?



PDF To Flash Catalog for Mac (Professional)

1. Can I make product catalog to be read on iPhone by Mac catalog software?

2. Can I make right to left flash catalog by Mac catalog software?

3. Change background of Mac product catalog?

4. Can I only view flash product catalog on Mac?


Flash Catalog For Shopping

1. How to make interesting shopping catalog in short time?

2. Would like to add home page URL to flash catalog?

3. How to share products catalog on Facebook, Twitter?

4. How to make languages switchable for customers?

5. How to find setting options quickly when customize templates of catalog?

6. What I can use the “About” button on flash catalog for shopping menu bar for?

7. Can I make mobile version of flash catalogue by PDF to Flash Catalog for Shopping?

8. Single or double page view of flash shopping catalog?

9. How to set watermark of flash catalog?

10. The links of PDF catalog can be work on converted flash catalog?

11. How to convert batch PDF files to flash catalogs?

12. Add text button with embedding link on online catalog?

13. Make flash shopping catalog with 3D effect?

14. Design price of flash catalog by catalog maker?

15. How to use help button of digital catalog?

16. Embed links to company logo of flash catalog?

17. Add image to call action of opening web page?

18. Add home button to flash catalog?

19. Make flash background of flash catalog?

20. How to make customers to download flash shopping e-catalog?

21. Zoom in or zoom out flash catalog for better edit?

22. Embed links to table content of flash catalog?

23. can only add button to flash e-catalog?

24. Pop up photos with clicking the image of flash catalog?

25. Add bookmark to flash shopping catalog easily?



Album To Flash Catalog

1. How to make fantastic photo album by album to flash catalog?

2. How to design pages of photo album easily?

3. How to easily add frame to photos?

4. Why my added photos are not integral?


Image To Flash Catalog

1. How to convert images to flash catalog?

2. Customize page layout of flash catalog?

3. How to publish images as PDF?

4. Make images to be gray before converting to photo album?

5. Convert folders of images to PDF by Image to Flash Catalog?

6. How can I customize the size of photo album?

7. Add a directory of images to make photo album by Image to Flash Catalog?

8. Crop images with ease by catalog maker?

9. How to easily reload images by the image catalog maker?

10. How to publish images to encrypted PDF?