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Ways to Cooperate

Our Products would support re-sell, so we will welcome everyone to come to use and our cooperation goal is to create win-win situation. If you are interested in becoming a partner of FlashCatalogMaker, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Get a free license code by reviewing our products
Earn money from selling our products as an affiliate
Submit your online eBook or e-catalog to get more exposure



1. Get a free license


Two ways to use flash catalog maker free:

1) Write review or report
Review or report about our products will welcome! If you are an author of a popular blog, you can write on blog to show a review of using our product. Tell other users about the ways you use it in your daily work and what you like or dislike about it. If you have recommended any of our products to your friends or colleagues, we would like to know your reasons. You can publish a review in your personal blog, on a popular forum or a web site. Before publishing a review, please contact us: # with @)and provide all the information required.

2) Publish a link to the product site
If you are an owner of a popular web site, you can display our banner or post our product links on the site. After that, license key will be valid for you as long as the link or banner is available on your site.
Please kindly note: We are not interested in links from Web sites with pirated software, hacking tools, etc - adult content etc., or any type of content that may involve copyright infringements. If you want to publish a link to our site or place our banner, please contact us: # with @). Please provide the URL address of the site and the average number of visitors per day and per month.


2. Affiliate


Our affiliate program is a quick and easy way to make money by reselling catalog tools on your website. You will receive a 30% commission on all orders placed by referrals from your website.

About the FlashCatalogMaker Affiliate Program
Our FlashCatalogMaker affiliate program allows publishers, resellers, and web site owners to advertise our products to their users and visitors, earning 30% commission on each referred sale.

What are the costs of being part of the FlashCatalogMaker Affiliate Network?
Nothing! You sign up, your account is created, and your links are created instantly. You make money when you make sales. Personal real-time reporting pages allow you to see your account balance 24/7.

Signing Up
It is quick and easy to become a FlashCatalogMaker Affiliate. Our affiliate program is managed by RegNow, an established leader in software affiliate programs
To Get Started, simply complete our online sign-up form. Don't forget to read the quick guide.

Affiliate Information about us in Regnow
Our Regnow ID is 39481. All of our products are sold via Regnow, and we have Regnow Site Level Certification.


3. Customer Showcase

Have you published your eBook or e-catalog which created with our products and want to let more people to know about it? We could also publish your eBook on show case page on

Please contact us: # with @) and provide the following information: You name, Business Name (if Application), the eBook link and any comments.