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Make a hardcover digital flipbook by catalog maker?

Hey I have used your catalog maker to create a lot of catalogs in my business. That’s very easy to make new style flash catalog. In addition, I have also got good feedback of flash catalog from customers. Recently, my son’s birthday is coming. I am thinking about giving him a special gift. So I would like to make a digital story book by catalog maker. The catalog software can convert PDF story file to a digital flip book, and I can add music, video etc. That would be a nice gift to him. Can I make a hardcover of digital flipbook? The hardcover would make digital flipbook looks more realistic.



Yes, you can make a hardcover of digital flipbook by our catalog maker.

You can set hardcover of digital flip book on Classical, Float ,Spread and Neat templates.

When you customize template, only one step you can make hardcover of flipbook by catalog software. You just need to set “Hard Cover” to be “Yes”. Follow our steps to find “Hard Cover” option” “Design Setting” – “Flash Display Settings” –“Hard Cover”.

hard cover of flippbook setting


Then apply change to see the hardcover of your digital flipbook.

hardcover digital flipbook


Enjoy your time to make digital flipbook by catalog maker.




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