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How can I share flash catalog with others on Facebook?

Hi friend, I have bought your catalog software for a while, as I know that it has a lot of functions which can help me to make flash catalog in my business. It’s really good. Especially it integrates with social networks, but I don’t know how to share flash catalog on my facebook? Can you tell me how to share catalog with others on facebook or twitter?



Hey, you just need to click social share button and choose which social network you would like to share on, then you can easily share flash catalog on social networks.

social share button


share on facebook


You should make sure that you can find social share button on flash flip catalog interface before to share flash catalog. How to make sure? The only thing you should do is that you should make “social share button” to be “Show” when you design template settings.

Follow our steps to find “social share button” setting. “Design Setting” – “Tool bar settings” – “Buttons Bar” –“Share” – “social share button”.

share button option




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