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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Free Photo Album Creator- Freeware

We have also found an easy too to make photo album which you can add music, comments and you can also select favorite photos to print. It’s Photo Album Creator

  • Easy to use
  • Add music
  • Automatically play
  • Add album welcome and end text
  • Make image catalog with page flipping effect, see version: Image to Flash Catalog



    Flash Catalog Demo >>

    Flash Player 10.0+

    • Introduction


    New season is coming. Summer, the hot season is coming. You might have a short holiday in summer, would you? What’s your holiday plan? Go traveling? Visit friends? No matter what’s your plan, it’s a holiday you can have a good rest. Holiday is always connected with photos, right? Then we would like to generate photos to record our life. Would you like to build a photo album? Or do you like photography? To be frankly, I like it, because I like to keep a lot of beautiful things, beautiful moments. Maybe all humans like beautiful things. But few of them would discover beautiful things around them. Maybe steps of life are too fast, or… Would you like to make beautiful things by yourself? I have used Photo album creator before, it’s really nice and easy way to organize my photos. Fast speed to add photos, and I can also define the photo album welcome and end text. It’s really nice. No programming skills required and with few mouse clicks you can make a simple photo album.






      If you want to make a photo album with page flipping effect, see Image to Flash Catalog

      Main Features for Image to flash catalog:

    • Two edit interfaces help you design elegant page-flipping catalog: edit image interface, edit flash catalog interface.
    • Provide many free decorations for users use, like Free Frame, Free Clip art;
    • Edition toolbar let you rotate the image, crop size, and adjust the color, etc;
    • Enable import/export List (txt). 





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