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Simple Ways to Make Product Catalog with Fantastic Appearance

Date: October 17, 2012

There are thousands of product catalogs, but only few of them would attract people. Do you know how they can do it? Firstly, the product catalog should be different and unique, and the first impression for the product catalog would be very important. Then the content of product catalog should be simple but can totally catch people’s demands. Last but not least, easily to view product catalog is also significant.

But how to make this kind of popular product catalog? There is no doubt that you should choose a good catalog maker to help you do these jobs well and fast.

For the catalog software of PDF to Flash Catalog, there are some simple ways to make product catalog with fantastic appearance which can totally make your product catalog different and unique. Simply to say, PDF to Flash Catalog is an easy catalog software which would help people to easily convert PDF to flash catalog in few minutes and enable people to edit product catalog more different and brilliant.  What’s more, people can easily view it online and offline on computer and even mobile devices. Simple ways to make flash product catalog with fantastic appearance by the easy catalog maker are as following:

1. Choose fantastic template to design flash catalog

There are 4 main build-in templates with lots of different style themes for your choices to design flash catalog. Moreover, more than 10 amazing online templates are provided. You can choose any one of them to make your flash product catalog with fantastic appearance.

flash catalog in fresh template flash catalong in Lucid template flash catalog in Direct template


2. Insert background image file

With the easy catalog software, you can insert your own designed background file also including swf file as background image of product catalog to make the interface with unique showing.


3. Apply Scene from the catalog maker

What’s scene? You can easily see the scenes on the catalog maker interface. Once you apply them to your product catalog, the product catalog can own dynamic and animated appearance which would easily to attract people’s attention.


4. Import free pre-designed themes to decorate product catalog

There is an increasing number of free pre-designed themes is provided on website for people to download and use it without paying anything. All these flash catalog themes are beautiful and charming.


Don’t you think it’s easy and fast to make product catalog with fantastic appearance by the catalog maker of PDF to Flash Catalog? By the way, you can also convert PDF book, PDF magazine, PDF booklet to flash page flip book, magazine, booklet and make them different with ease too by the easy catalog maker.



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