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Make flip PDF with flash

Are you tired of reading plain PDF files? Have you thought about making PDF more interesting? Do you have trouble in creating PDF files with professional programming skills? If so, today we would tell you a good news to you. As we have developed a tool to convert your PDF to flash flip catalog or flip book, and the most important thing is that you can embed swf flash into your flip book or flash flip catalog. The tool is PDF to Flash Catalog Professional. It can help you to convert PDF to digital book with flip pages and enable you to add swf flash into flip book or flash flip catalog. You don’t need any professional programming skills, just need several clicks you can get rid of plain PDF and enjoy a new experience reading with flash.


How to make flip PDF with flash?

There is no doubt that you must install the catalog software of PDF to Flash Catalog Professional firstly.

Secondly, import your PDF. Thirdly, click “Edit Pages” to enter into flip page editor interface and find the add swf flash button.

Then choose an area you would like to add flash and insert swf flash file.

embed swf flash into flash flip catalog


It’s very easy for you to show different PDF file. Don’t you think it’s more interesting to read PDF files?

If you’re a supplier, you can also use PDF to flash catalog professional to build flash page flip shopping cart. Then you can also say goodbye to original, static and plain PDF catalog. In addition, you can make your shopping cart more attracted with customizing templates settings, such as change background image, make flash shopping catalog printable and searchable, changing icon color and font etc. Moreover, you can also embed your company introduction video into flash flip catalog…

There are a lot of functions of the catalog maker - PDF to flash catalog professional, but you need not worry about lacking of programming knowledge with using it.



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