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Make digital book turn pages automatically

When we make PowerPoint file, we can make our presentation turn pages automatically. Sometimes we need to make some digital publication to turn pages automatically but we can also control the time. Have you read digital book online before? Do you know a new style digital book can turn pages automatically? What’s kind of this new style digital book?

The new style digital book – which has page flipping effect and embedded video, audio, link, swf flash, sound and other multimedia objects. This kind of new digital book is made by PDF to flash catalog software including standard and professional version. Do you know you can not only to make digital book but also make flash catalog by using PDF to flash catalog software?

new style digita/index.htmll book


There is no doubt that the catalog software of PDF to Flash Catalog is your good partner in life and business as well. Today we would like to share with you how to make this new style digital book to turn pages automatically by using the catalog maker of PDF to flash catalog.

Step 1: Import PDF file or batch PDF files, at the same time you can also import bookmark, links.


Step 2: Customize digital book settings: such as change background image, insert logo, logo URL, background music and so on. What’s more, you can also set Google Analytics ID, and make social share function to be enable. In addition, you can make your digital book to be printable and available to download.


Step 3: Convert to digital book, you can click “Convert to Flipping Book” button to convert digital book.


If you would like to embed video, audio, photo slideshow or sound to each page to digital book, you need to use PDF to Flash Catalog Professional version. As the most difference between PDF to Fash Catalog standard and professional version is that PDF to Flash Catalog Professional has strong edit digital book functions which can make your digital more attracted and vivid with multimedia objects.

Enjoy your time to make new style digital book.



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