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PDF to Flash Catalog – Available to Make CD version of Product Catalog

Date: November 12, 2012

CD is an easy way for us to store the photos, files, programs and so on. You might have chosen catalog software of PDF to Flash Catalog to make fresh page flipping flash product catalog for better promotion. But do you know you can also take full use of catalog software to build paper product category with CD catalog?

First of all, we also need to make a simple introduction of PDF to Flash Catalog, as some of people wouldn’t know it before.

PDF to Flash Catalog is easy catalog software for everyone to convert any PDF files to page flipping e-publications, and most of people would choose it to create page flipping product catalog, digital magazine, product booklet, company brochure etc. Especially, people can also make printable product catalog with the easy catalog software too. So when people need to create paper product category, they just need to click print button to print catalog easily.

Then how to create CD catalog by the catalog software in short time when your customers ask for CD product category? Why we said “in short time”, as you well know that time is money and shorter time would make your customers to trust your efficiency. Especially efficiency would leave a good first impression to new potential customers.

Following is the easy steps to build CD product category:

Step 1: Install the catalog software of PDF to Flash Catalog

Step 2: Prepare PDF catalog and a CD to burn

Step 3: Import PDF and customize catalog as you like

Step 4: Create CD version of flash catalog with clicking “Burn to CD”.

create CD product catalog by catalog software


Don’t you think it’s easy for you to make product catalog which can meet different demands with using one catalog maker?



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