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Enjoy reading flash documents on iPhone, iPad or Android mobile

Do you have hobbit to read files on mobile? Are you in trouble to read some format files on iphone, ipad, or Android mobile devices? Or you must work outside sometimes without laptop for convenience? And sometimes, you would download some files on mobile, but the format can’t work in your mobile. Then you must open your computer and see them on computer. But if you want to look files again, you must open computer again. If so, why not use Office to Flash Catalog?

Office to flash catalog is a good catalog software to help you convert plain office documents, PDF catalog to flip book or flip catalog with better organization and reservation. The most important thing is that you can make mobile version of flash documents from plain office documents(pdf, doc, ppt, txt, rtf, docx, pptx, sls, xlsx, xml, xsn, pub, chm and so on) which can be work on your iphone, ipad or Android mobile devices. And you don’t need to know any computer programming skills, just in few clicks you can make flash documents to be read on your iphone, ipad or Android mobile devices. In addition, you can also import image to make digital photo album or image catalog by office to flash catalog. You can see the screenshot of flash documents which were converted by Office to Flash Catalog.


Now we would show you how to convert plain office documents to flash documents or you can call it flipbook, because it looks a real book.

Step 1: Set up office to flash catalog firstly

Step 2: Import office documents

Step 3: Convert to Flippingbook, and please do remember to click “Also Make Mobile Version” in the output option interface.


If you would like to make more interesting flash documents than plain documents, you can customize the output appearance about setting background image, background sound and change the icon color etc. What's more, you can also zoom in or zoom out flash documents for convenience on your iphone, ipad or Android mobile devices,




You can have a look at an example of flipbook (flash documents): 2012 London Olympics

Would like to make flipbook on Mac: PDF to Flash Catalog Mac Pro

Free beautiful flipbook templates for download: Themes 2012




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