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Embed video into flash catalog

Nowadays, there are more and more shopping catalogs with similar products on line, which kind of products catalog would attract you? Maybe you’re a consumer, or maybe you’re a supplier, but no matter what’s your position, you would be connected with various catalogs. In my own opinion, I think flash catalog with video would be more interesting and can catch people’s eyes. Would you agree with that?


The point is that how to embed video into shopping catalog?

We would talk about this topic in two parts, one part is how to make flash shopping catalog, the other part is how to embed video into flash catalog.

Do you know Flash Catalog for Shopping? It’s an easy catalog software to make flash catalog from PDF files in few minutes with ease. In three steps you can convert PDF catalog to flash catalog with page turning effect. You just only need to click import PDF, then convert to flipping book. Then you have finished a simple flip catalog from plain PDF file.

But if you would like to make more attracted flash catalog with beautiful appearance and video, you can customize templates settings and edit catalog pages.

Now our main point is to tell you how to embed video into flash shopping catalog. Click “Edit Shopping Cart” to enter into edit page for shopping cart interface.

embed video icon


Then find the “Add movie that Plays FLV” icon, then choose an area to insert video.

embed You tube video


Or you can also directly add You tube video to flash catalog. The steps you add You tube video are very easy, you just need to choose an area to insert You tube video, then input the You tube video ID. The powerful edit function is the most advantage for the catalog software of Flash Catalog for Shopping.

insert video


Free try Flash Catalog for Shopping

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