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Customize appearance of flash catalog

Even appearance is not the only factor that we evaluate things or people, it’s really important, because good appearance would catch people’s eyes. For people, we would try to know them more even they have normal appearance, but for catalog, the truth is very cruel. As if consumers don’t take a glimpse on it, they would not get to know it more. So as you can see the appearance plays an important in digital catalog. A digital catalog with a nice appearance would attrach more people. What kind of shopping catalog you have made? And how can you make catalogue? Did your catalogue get a good feedback? Or have your thought to take some actions to improve your catalogue?


We hope what we talk about today would be helpful to you.

Firstly, we would introduce some catalog software to make catalog. One is PDF to Flash Catalog, the other is Flash Catalog for Shopping. What’s difference between the two catalog software? PDF to flash catalog is which you can convert your PDF to flash catalog with ease.

But flash catalog for shopping has more professional functions than PDF to Flash Catalog, as you can edit shopping catalog pages with embedding video, audio, link, images and sound into flash catalog. What’s more, you can add buy icons directly from our pre-designed buy icons resource and you can also define price icons with price, price unit…

flash catalog buy icons resource


flash catalog price definition


No matter which catalog software you use, you can customize appearance of flash catalog.

So secondly, we would like to tell you how to customize appearance of flash catalog.

You can use flash display settings panel to choose the option to customize relative settings.

For example, Insert your customized background image as background of flash catalog. You can also set background position of your flash catalog as you want, such as scale to fit, Fill, Top left, Top center etc. Morover, you can also customize bar color, font color, button font, page index font color according to your background image.

Enjoy your time to make flash catalog.



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