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Creating Beautiful Catalog with Time-saving Catalog Maker

Date: October 18, 2012

You might not be strange about catalog, as you can easily see product catalogs in your daily life. But have you thought about what kind of product catalog would really get more consumers? No matter you are boss or sales man, you should know the importance of e-catalog in the current market and consider seriously about choosing catalog maker to help you create attracted online product catalog with highly efficiency. In this article I would like to share some ideas about making beautiful catalog with choosing a time-saving catalog maker. Then you may find you can also create beautiful catalog in few minutes if you choose a time-saving but also easy catalog maker and make consumers to prefer to buy your products.


Plain E-catalog VS Flash Catalog

There are various styles of e-catalog in the current market, such as PDF catalog, image catalog, word catalog, scanned catalog and so on. But these styles of catalog would be a bit common and plain. If you would like to get more consumers, you should add some difference and special factors to your product catalog. In a word, make a different appearance of product catalog with amazing catalog content. And flash catalog is a new style of e-catalog which has fantastic appearance, page flipping effect and flexible tool bars. The amazing thing is that people can easily view flash catalog not only on computer but also on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices. The format of flash catalog is .html which would allow people to publish online or embed to web page in order to make people to read e-catalog in various ways.

new style e-catalog of flash catalog


How to Save Time to Make Beautiful Flash Catalog

With knowing the flash catalog, you might think it’s difficult to create it because you don’t have any idea about programming skills or web designing skills. Thanks to catalog maker developers so now we can also create animated flash catalog without any special skills. For example, PDF to Flash Catalog is one time-saving and easy catalog software to allow people to convert PDF to flash catalog in few seconds and design flash catalog with fantastic and different appearance in few minutes.


Easily to start - make flash catalog by PDF to Flash Catalog:

1. Prepare a PDF catalog

2. Convert PDF catalog to page flipping flash catalog with catalog maker

3. Publish flash catalog as you like

the catalog maker of pdf to flash catalog


Tips about Taking Full Advantage of Catalog Maker

No matter for man or products, we would hope to take full advantage of them. For catalog maker, you should know what the catalog maker would bring you not only in the short term but also in the long run. Let me share with you how to take full advantage of PDF to Flash Catalog. Firstly, please be familiar with the template settings which would totally enable you make different product catalog, such as flash catalog with a hardcover, right to left flash catalog in Arabic and so on. Secondly, get free updated catalog maker of PDF to Flash Catalog as you might find some new amazing features of new updated version. Thirdly, get more free online templates to design flash catalog with different interface, for example, the recent updated Direct Template, Lucid Template etc. Last but not least, take full use of powerful conversion as the catalog maker has various output styles: .html, .zip, .exe, .app, mobile version and CD version.



The catalog maker is convenient and useful for businessman to create brilliant flash catalog, and it would be also good for everyone to build page flipping book, flash magazine, company brochure, product learning guide, booklet from any PDF files.



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