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Add watermark into flash catalog

What’s your opinion about watermark? Do your catalogs have watermark? Would you want to add watermark to your catalog?

In my own opinion, adding watermark into flash catalog would protect your right and build brand name as well. Maybe the first impression of watermark for you would be the “confidential”. You can also design your own watermark of flash catalog with ease by catalog software.

Today we will show you catalog software – PDF to Flash Catalog which can convert PDF to flash catalog in few minutes. The difference between original PDF catalog, the flash catalog has flipping page effect which can attract customers’ eyes. And the most important thing is that you can add watermark easily with using PDF to Flash Catalog.

Following are the steps to make flash catalog with watermark:

Step 1: Download and install PDF to Flash Catalog.

Step 2: Click “Import PDF” to enter into import PDF interface. And on the right of interface, you can customize watermark with clicking set watermark.

set watermark


Step 3: Customize watermark. There are some default watermarks in the resource. But you can add new watermark and even edit the current default watermarks.

customize watermark


Step 4: Convert to Flipping Book. It’s the last step to make flash catalog with watermark. If you would like to make more beautiful flash catalog, you can design template settings before converting to flipping book. For example, you can change background image of flash catalog, add background music to catalog, or set the flash catalog to be printable, downloadable and so on.

Just in few minutes you can make brilliant flash catalog, would you want to have a try? If you are a publisher or supplier, you can make new products catalog by the catalog software of PDF to flash catalog with ease. If you’re a reader, you can also make flipping book by PDF to flash catalog.

Learning new things would make your life more colorful.




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